Motherlode Harvest Mission Statement:

To promote and preserve local sustainable community scale agriculture by providing a venue for local producers to market food, products and services, and to provide year-round access to local products for consumers.

So who are you?

MotherLode Harvest is a multi-farm CSA and outlet for local agricultural products. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is the term often used for conveying food products from farm to plate through a subscription program. This is typically carried out by one farm, but MotherLode Harvest has taken the CSA concept one step further by including the offerings of multiple farms and ranches in order to offer our customers a wide range of local products.

How does the program operate?

Utilizing the same successful approach as many CSAs across the country, MLH uses the subscription model in selling fresh, locally produced agricultural products. This method has proven successful and efficient in allowing producers to provide quality, local products to consumers who desire access to healthy foods and at the same time want to support local growers directly. Included with the box of fresh, seasonal produce is a newsletter which contains a list of the box contents, recipes and MLH information updates.

How do I go about purchasing food through MotherLode Harvest?

For a CSA Box subscription, contact our Customer Coordinator Michelle. During the early months of every year we temporarily discontinue CSA box subscriptions. For options during these winter months, or to purchase individual items anytime, see “Not interested in CSA?” below.

Not interested in CSA?

You can order individual items by logging on to order on our website. Please see detailed instructions on how to log-in and join on our Ordering FAQ. We also have a storefront where our producers bring their items to sell on consignment during the Tuesday pick-up times, and, while the selection is ever-changing, we strive to offer a diverse range of local, seasonal products for your table.

Can I purchase items in addition to my CSA box?

Yes! Either log-on and order online (see “Not interested in CSA?” above) or you can shop for items from our consignment offerings when you come pick up your weekly box.

Who are the friendly faces at our storefront?

MotherLode Harvest is currently run exclusively by volunteers. We need the help of the community to make this project more successful than it already is.

When are you open?

– Ordering window on the website: Thursday noon through Sunday noon.

– Pick-up window: Tuesday 10:30AM to noon and 4:30PM to 6PM.

Where are you located?

1235 Jackson Gate Rd, Jackson CA 95642 – Behind Teresa’s Restaurant.

What do you consider “local?”

Our rules state that any product exchanged through our program must be produced within 100 miles of Jackson, California. The vast majority of our producers are located in Amador, Calaveras and El Dorado counties and are supplying our customers with food produced within 25 miles of Jackson.

How did you get started?

The MotherLode Harvest Association was started by a small group of local small scale, sustainable producers and other agriculture enthusiasts in 2009.

I’m a producer who wants to get involved. Who should I contact?

We’re always looking for new producers! Please contact our Producer Coordinator Alice.

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