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Q: How do I order online with this shopping cart?
A: If you are not already a member of our co-op, go to our home page, click on the "Join" button in order to get a username and password. Then back at the main page, click on "Log In". If you have not already started an order in the current order cycle, it will ask you to choose a delivery method (pick-up is the only option) and a payment method (cash only, though we accept checks too). Then click the button to start your order. There are two methods of selecting products you want to buy.
  1. You can browse through the product lists by clicking on any of the buttons in the "Shopping Info" box and then clicking "Add to Shopping Cart". When you do this, the system adds one of the items you have selected to your cart. If you want to buy several packages of an individual product, click on the "View Your Cart" button. Place the cursor in the Quantity box for the item you wish to order, and change the number to however many you plan to buy. Then click on the "Update" button to the right of that product entry. If you need to add notes to the producer, such as "red, medium sized tomatoes" or "make this a small pig", click on View Your Cart, place the cursor in the box for notes for that product, type in the notes, and then press the UPDATE button to the right of that product entry.

  2. OR You can browse the product lists or printed catalog and make a note of the product ID numbers of the items you want to buy. To enter those items, click 'View Your Cart' and you will find a box at the top of the page where you can add items, one at a time, by entering the product ID and how much or how many items you want to buy and any relevant notes. Then hit the "add this product to the order" button.

To remove a product from your shopping cart, change its Quantity to ZERO and press the UPDATE button.

When you are done, there is no need to submit your order - whatever remains in your basket when the order closes will be considered your order. You can edit your order up until the time that the Order Desk closes at the end of Delivery Day. The time of closing is announced at the beginning of Order Week. To edit your order (add or subtract items, change quantities, add notes), log in as you did before at, but this time there will be no big red ordering box: you can go directly to the Shopping Info as you please. If you want to add items, you can use methods (1) or (2) above to add items, to edit quantities, or remove items, click on "View Your Cart" and make your changes. There is no "SUBMIT" or "PLACE ORDER" or "CANCEL". Whatever remains in your basket when the order closes will be considered your order.
Note: the shopping cart will show a subtotal, but it will not necessarily subtotal everything you have ordered, as items with random weights (such as packages of meat or cheese) will not be totaled until that information is updated from the producers.

Q: How do I order NOT using this shopping cart?
A: For ordering NOT using this online shopping cart, please email Alice to ask if there is a "computer buddy" who can take your order by phone or fax.

Q: Can I change my order?
A: You can log in and change your order until February 1st.. Between then and the delivery day, producers will be entering weights on any items that need it and putting your order together. You can view your temporary invoice in progress during that time by logging in.

Q: When does ordering end for this week?
A: You can log in and change your order until February 1st.

Q: How do I pay?
A: You are expected to pay by cash or check when you pick up your order on Tuesday. You can see how much you owe at any point in the ordering cycle by clicking on the "View In-Process Invoice" button (from your Member Homepage) or the "View Invoice" link on your shopping cart. In the interests of saving paper, we do not print out a copy of the invoice for the customer, since you are able to do this at any time from your home. If you purchase additional items when you pick up your pre-ordered items, you will also be able to view your finalized invoice online after delivery day.

Q: When and where can I pick up my items?
A: Delivery Day is the Tuesday following the weekend ordering cycle (Thursday through Sunday) behind Teresa's Restaurant at 1235 Jackson Gate Road, Jackson CA. For your convenience we have two pickup times: 10:30AM to noon and 4:30PM to 6:00PM. This week's delivery day is Tuesday, February 2nd.

Q: What can I do if I miss the pickup window?
A: We would appreciate it very much if you are conscientious about picking up your orders within the pickup timeframe. We understand, however, that things come up, or are forgotten, etc., so if you miss your pickup time please email the distribution center or call at (209) 223-5633 (before Tuesday 6PM), or email Carolyn AFTER Tuesday 6PM, and we will try to arrange an alternate time for you to come pick up your items.

It is also important to note that if you fail to pick up your order, you are still responsible for paying for it.

Q: I am a producer, where do I send my product updates?
A: You should update your items by Thursday at noon. If you are later than that, send an email to Alice .

Q: I am getting an error on a page, what do I do?
A: Please copy and paste the text of the error into an email along with what page it is and send it to Web admin . Please also explain what happened before that error occurred. Thank you for your help in keeping this website working smoothly.

Q: I have a suggestion on how to make this website easier to use.
A: Please send your suggestions to Web admin . Thank you for your help in keeping this website working smoothly.

Q: How do I start, cancel or skip a CSA box?
A: CSA Boxes are special subscriptions that you CANNOT order online. Please email Michelle or call her at (209) 419-2503. Please note she must get any orders, skips or cancellations on the Thursday before the Tuesday pickup day.

Q: How do I update my contact information?
A: To edit any information on your registration form, click here.

Q: What if I have questions that are not covered in this list?
A: You can contact the appropriate person by looking on the Contact Us page.

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